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All day brunch and specialty coffee

Our Story

Hardware Lane Specialty Coffee and Brunch was established on early 2017, the name “Hardware Lane” was taken from a street name in Melbourne, Australia. We want to recreate the buzzing of social interaction from its residence cafes and its vibrant atmosphere to Indonesia.

Our love of coffee began in 2014, when we established a small coffeeshop in north Jakarta prior to Hardware Lane. We learnt that specialty coffee is such an intriguing and interesting business to be in. Moreover, having had the opportunity to become a part of the journey from seeds to cup was fascinating and exhilarating.

In Depth

What we do.

We serve wide variety of beverages including specialty coffee, artisan tea, chocolate, fresh juice and smoothies. As for the food, australian signature brunch such as egg benedict, australian style full breakfast, and croque madam is our staple menu to begin with. And our asian signature food such as egg chiffon on rice, house special pork chop and laksa to accommodate our demographic market which prefer asian food.

Why us.

We offer various selection of high quality food and drinks, and we also cater to small and/or medium group at our space.

How we do it.

We always buy freshly roasted specialty coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market, using fresh milk from reputable company, and well trained staff to make our satisfy our customer and make them happy.

Hardware Lane Hours Of Operation

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Last order until 9:30 pm

Friday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Last order until 10:30 pm

Sunday: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Last order until 9:30 pm


A classic single shot of short black.


Concentrated dose of short black.


Double shots of espresso.

Long Black

A thick and less acidic style coffee.

Hot Black

Double shots of espresso with hot water.

Ice Black

Double shots of espresso with iced water.


A shot of espresso with 90ml of milk steamed up to 65 Degree Celsius for maximum sweetness (piccolo / small latte).


A shot of espresso with 150ml of milk steamed up to 65 Degree Celsius for maximum sweetness (cappucino / regular).


A shot of espresso with 210ml of milk steamed up to 65 Degree Celsius for maximum sweetness (latte / flatwhite).

Ice White

A shot of espresso with 200ml of fresh milk.


Flavour syrup (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut), espresso shot, soy milk, skim milk, milk in small container (upon availability).
Filter Coffee

First Tier

Locally crafted and roasted by our trusted partners.


Uncommon coffee beans that is picked by our barista.

Seasonal LTD

Uncommon coffee beans that is picked by our barista.


Limited release from our local or overseas coffee roasters.

Exotic LTD

Exceptional rare coffee / competition beans / 90+ quality scored beans.
Specials Espresso Coffee

Wonderful Indonesia

Above exceptional specialty coffee.

Well Crafted

Roasted overseas brought especially for you as guest beans.

Exclusive Edition

Quality specialty coffee that is specially sorted by professional.

Limited Edition

What can we say, you will enjoy one of the best coffee ever produced.

Flavoured Latte

Hot or Ice, no problem the choice is yours.. Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut.

Magic (Hot Only)

A double ristretto with 150ml of milk. Its one of Melbourne classic!


An espresso and a 5oz package. Perfect for those who can’t decide and like to explore!


3oz of Steamed milk with choco sprinkle on top for the little one.


A yummy homemade gelato with side of espresso shot (Please choose your gelato).

Mocha ( Hot / Iced )

Hot / Ice Chocolate

Hot / Ice Green tea latte

Hot / Ice Red Velvet

Ice Lychee Tea

Kopi-Do (Seasonal)

Avocado, Vanilla gelato and Espresso.. Good combo ei?


Our signature mocktail coffee. Enjoy the exploding well-balanced taste and mouthfeel.


Our crazy bubbly coffee-tail experiment, not for the faint hearted.

Gossip Girl xoxo

Ice milk strawberry with a yummy single shot of espresso.

Pink Panther

Try me! It’s something from a different angle of coffee mocktail.

99th Ice tea

Ice Peach Tea

Ice Mango Tea

Equil (Still / Sparkling)

Soft Drinks


Fresh Bottled Juice

Apple / Guava / Mango

Hello Summer!

Fresh watermelon, lychee, mint & ice crush.

Got Mango ( Seasonal )

Fresh mango, pineapple, milk & yogurt.

Tropic Thunder

Dragonfruit, Peach and pineapple.




Dark Chocolate

Apple Pie

Classic Caesar Salad

Baby cos lettuce, Tomato cherry, Penne, Soft boiled egg, Grilled chicken leg, Granapadano cheese, Caesar dressing, Bacon.

Brighton House Salad

Asian mix salad, Cilantro citrus dressing, Walnut, Raisin, Peach, Poached egg, Granapadano cheese.

Triple Fries

3 Kinds of fries, Crispy chicken tenderloin, Cheddar cheese sauce, Cream cheese, Honey mustard sauce, Fresh parsley.

Parmesan Fries

French fries, Parmesan cheese, Fresh parsley, Honey mustard dip.

Pull Beef Brisket Sliders

6 Hours roasted beef brisket, Caramelised onion, Cheddar cheese, BBQ mayo sauce, French fries.


French fries, Sunny side up, Streaky bacon or Beef bacon, Onion gravy, Cheddar cheese sauce, Cream cheese, Fresh parsley.

Fried Sweet Potato

Seasoned fried sweet potato, Honey mustard sauce.

Beef Bacon and Cheese Croissant

Homemade croissant, Beef bacon, Swiss cheese, Mix salad.

Eggs Benedict Pull Beef Brisket

6 Hours Roasted Pull Beef Brisket, Poached eggs, Toasted homemade english muffin, Citrus hollandaise sauce.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Tobiko, Poached eggs, Toasted homemade english muffin, Citrus hollandaise sauce.

Streaky Bacon or Beef Bacon Eggs Benedict

Streaky Bacon or Beef Bacon, Poached eggs, Toasted homemade english muffin, Citrus hollandaise sauce.

Steak & Egg

AUS Sirloin, Chimichurri sauce, Scramble egg, Mix mushroom, Mix potatoes.

HL Grilled Cheese Sandwich

French toast, Swiss cheese, Granapadano cheese.

Candied Bacon French Toast

Homemade battered toast, Sweet caramelised bacon / beef bacon, Scramble eggs, Cheddar cheese sauce.

HL Full Breakfast

Brioche, Streaky bacon or Beef bacon, Mix potato & mushroom, Chorizo sausage, Mix salad, Scramble eggs.

HL Croque Madame

Homemade buttered toast, Beef bacon or Pork bacon, Swiss cheese, Bechamel sauce, Sunny side up egg.

Kaya French Toast

Buttered french toast, Homemade kaya jam, Swiss cheese.

Eggs Chiffon on Rice (Grilled Chicken or Crispy Pork Belly)

Soft omelette egg, Steamed jasmine rice, Spring onion, Homemade sauce.

Laksa King

Egg noodle, Grilled chicken, Mix mushroom, Snow-peas sprout, Fish cake.

Lemongrass Pork-chop

Marinated pork chop, Sunny side up, Homemade sauce, Cilantro, Steamed rice.

Fried Pork Chop or Chicken with Jasmine Rice

5 spices marinated pork chop / chicken, Braised soy egg, Cilantro, Steamed rice.

Kimchi Pork Belly with Jasmine Rice

Spicy marinated kimchi pork belly, Sunny side up, Steamed rice.

Gyutan Niku Don

Grill beef tongue, Sweet sesame sauce, Steamed rice.

Nasi Goreng “Perjuangan” (Chicken or Pork Belly)

Indonesian fried rice with lime leaves, egg, cracker, sambal matah.

S’MORE French Toast

Battered french toast, Chocolate ganache, Marshmallow, Butter cookies crumble, Chocolate sauce.

Bread Pudding French Toast

Buttermilk toast, Chocolate ganache, Raisin, Cookies crumble, A scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Matcha Butter Crepes

Homemade matcha butter crepes, Granola, Mix fruits and a scoop of gelato ice cream.

Choco Ganache Crepes

Homemade butter crepes, Mix fruit, Walnut, Raisin, Chocolate ganache and A scoop of gelato ice cream.

For enquiries please contact us at

+6221-2266-4594 or fill in the form below.